by on September 19, 2022

Have you. Ever wonder how C-B-D or Cannbis Yoga might help you be Better in Bed , alleviate symptoms of depression, sleep disorder &. More . HIGH My. Name. Is. 420Nurse CHACHAVAVOOM. And today is our FREE Yoga Meetup. :D Yes your invited in person. Or online -

Todays meet up was a lot of fun! We practice a 30 min Libido Boosting Yoga Flow to help Improve sexual health and vitality 

This week we did a slow vinyasa flow for sexual health and vitality. This is a great practice to increase your libido and overall sex drive. You can expect quite a few hip openers and emphasis on breathing in this practice. No props required. This class will work on sexual health by focusing on three different areas: 1 - Physical: We'll release tension from the hips and pelvis to improve circulation and support a healthy pelvic floor. 2 - Emotional: We'll show ourselves some love and learn to accept and feel pleasure. This is about healing the emotional relationship you have with your sexuality. 3 - Energetic: We'll move prana/chi throughout the body to remove blockages that are holding you back from full vitality using breathing and yoga poses. I was a bit hesitant to create a practice like this online but I know how healing and powerful yoga can be to restore sexual vitality. I truly hope this helps some of you!

Here is. the link to the video if you like to watch more

VIEW YOGA VIDEO 30 min Libido Boosting Yoga Flow




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