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My name is angelica & i am a pervious official 420 nurse. I became a 420 nurse back in 2016 and loved every moment of it! i became pregnant during the same time as prop 215 (recreational cannabis) was becoming legal. at the time cannabis becoming legal was very scary for all patients because we were all unaware of how controlled cannabis was going to become. Unfortunatly becoming a mom and the scare of cannabis being contolled became very scary to me so i had to step away from modeling and promoting with 420nurses. 

After many many years have passed i managed to work my way back into the cannabis industy in 2018. after much experiance with the laws of cannabis. Ive learned to become one with cannabis being so open in my city! ive become very fasinated of everything cannabis used to be in a legal stand point and remembered what i loved best about cannbis was sharing its medicinal use with everyone in need.

So here i am hopping back into 420nurses! i look forward to meeting so many wonderful new faces involved with 420nurses! cheers to weed for showing what its really made of ! 


puff puff pass <3

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