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Shout out to my girrrrls..I don't write blogs so I hope this is allowed



*A note from lushbaby420*

Hempsesh is still new to me but not to the community. It has had many names. A class-A event, the most secure sesh that is out there. I love when I go to hempsesh I can breathe.. I enjoy it start to finish. I don't have anxiety like these other events. From security to the vendors... All the girls and guys ... I love our vibe!

I've only been attending the 420nurses event HEMPSESH about three years but I've been attending cannabis events of all shapes, sizes, classes and locations. Seen it, done it, etc .. thousands of events for 20+ years.

Legal... Not legal.... Somewhere in between.... But no matter what the class of session, they are dangerous and unapologetically underground no matter how mainstream we try to make it.

With the uncertainty of people's mental stability and the ignorance of the people who are trying to make money without considering the communitys well being... Please keep your wit about you. Don't let these trappers and scammers get nothing by you. 

If you don't feel comfortable don't do it.

If something feels off, listen to your instincts.

Don't do anything to jeopardize your goals!!!!!! 

***All you nurse Interns need to use the heck out of Hempsesh for content because it's a magical place... ***

I can't wait to go back, fuk these other seshes. 😭🙈✔️✔️👽







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