by on April 5, 2022

Wow! I think I am still riding a high from the SacTown Chapter's Easter Community Event!! It has been an amazing journey joining the SacTown Chapter under President Tiny Nicole! I am honored to have the opportunity to work alongside her as the Vice President and take part in the creation and planning of successful events such as the Easter Event! 

So funny to think a simple idea of someone in an Easter Bunny cosplay after hitting a vape cartridge a few times could turn into something so fun! What is one thing us as a 420Nurses community can provide to the average person?? A great memory with the simple capture of a moment in a photo! We have the opportunity to capture moments in peoples lives, to build permanent memories with them, that go beyond a visual advertisement of just a model with a bong, but into who a good portion of our community is, which are Cannaparents. This motivates us to be seen as more than just stoners, but great parents and providers as well. 

Cannabis is such a beautiful community plant and does more than just satisfy an internal happiness in an individual, but can bring communities together in safe and friendly environment. So rarely do you come into situations where you find many stoners angry and on edge and ready to fight the world. So you can almost guarantee an event held by stoners and sponsored by stoners should be a chill time! 

Being able to display that warmth and comfort we find in our cannabis to our community with an outreach as simple as providing a safe environment to bring your children in to, to create a memory that will last a lifetime with the Easter Bunny entirely for free for fellow cannaparents  was a complete honor and privilege! 

We raised donations for the event to help with supplies, crafts, raffle baskets and eggs for the hunt, and made a donation to our gracious venue McKinley Rose Garden for providing the space for us to shoot and gather. 

SacTown Chapter has grown so graciously into the legal cannabis world, now having solid connections with multiple dispensaries and vendors open to more opportunities to be involved with the chapter and interested in investing their time into our magazine and events. I can't wait to continue to watch our growth blossom into even bigger opportunities and I am so grateful for all of our chapter members involvement and help in the foundation and continued dedication and time to building this future! 

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