Shauna Ray Webster
by on July 25, 2021

I was trying to think of what to say for my newest blog but the only thing I could come up with was The appreciation I have from marijuana Because of being able to weigh over a 100 pounds. For the 1st time In the past 7 months of my life I have been able to stay steady 120.  Honestly the 420nurses experience has been mind blowing. 

 Do the moving around my whole life and rand raising myself I never was able was able to win the associal skills I needed to make friends quickly. I was the popular girl that everyone knew that nobody talk to. 

After going through a extremely toxic engagement And a double miscarriage at 15 weeks I started looking for positive affirmations and good female role models to have as a support network.

 A lovely woman pulled back into my life and reminded me that there are happy-go-lucky people who who love love and don't discriminate marijuana marijuana who want to do nothing but build one another up.. She is the reason I joined 420 nurses. 20 nurses.

 Not only did I find a amazing amazing support network But I also found a way to advocate for recreational marijuana because not every person knows they have a eating disorder or a balimia.

 I'm so thankful for the fan base I have And the smaller amount of female  Empowerment and positive affirmational women I've met since Starting. 

 Thank you for each and every vote your vote does matter and it means a lot. Thank you and thank you for helping me work closer with fashion food food product reviews as well as marijuana advocacy.

 My next blog post will be about  How Bab's and I  Started working on our Body Positive goals 2 years ago, how we maintained it, and the food choices she helped me move to.

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Love the confidence, Keep it up
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