by on March 31, 2021

The much loved herb called cannabis still has stigma around it, especially when it comes to mixing cannabis with your sex life.Yes that means having an edible prior, or smoking you while you’re doing it, like come on now…people are doing it! 

One of the main appeal of high sex is the increased desire or urge per say to have more sex. Some facts behind this is a research study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the study showed a relation between marijuana use and sexual frequency and that it indeed exists!!

Now I don’t have to be a scientist to tell you this one, another great thing about cannabis is cannabis infused lube. It increases your sensitivity!! And if ya don’t believe me try it for yourself! THC effects your nervous system and can increase your sensors making, therefor making the blood flow more and bingo, you get it now?! Users feel more relaxed, euphoria and emotional over all. And these are all good things when it comes to sex.

You can expect longer lasting orgasms while using cannabis, but that’s due to the science of how cannabis slows down your perception of time so your sexual intercourse may seem like it’s lasting forever but it’s just because your stoned to the bone 😉