by on March 31, 2021

What is hemp? Hemp is found in the cannabis sativa species. It’s a plant like no other, similar to the cannabis plant(female) that has a flower/bud that we dry, cure & smoke. Hemp doesn’t get you high though, it’s non psychoactive, but many people will say it offers them a very relaxing experience. 

Hemp can be used for making C-B-D and C-B-D products. Besides medicinal use, hemp alone is very versatile. We consume hemp seeds, hemp protein, hemp milk. We even use hemp fibers to create clothing, textiles, paper, even toilet paper… 1st world pandemic shortage solved. Hemp bio fuel has also been discussed in the past, hemp could also literally replace plastic! So many of our climate change problems that we have created as human can be slowly fixed with the use of hemp based products! There’s no need to chop down trees when we know we have a reliable access to hemp! 

Hemp can also clean our soils, I’ll leave that for another blog post because I feel that clean soil and climate change is very important. Hemp can change the world, it’s possible to have a healthy & sustainable future. With the power of hemp we can all be hopeful.

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