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Greeting friends,

Zombo here today with some insight into my search for natural ways to make myself and others feel more whole.

This blog is coming to you at a very special time in our world. People are starting to really pay attention to what's in the foods and medicines they consume. As the demand for more organic and healthy products rises, we learn more and more about alternatives that can have a positive effect on our overall health.

If you look at the natural history of the earth, fungi and plants have been providing nearly all of the needs of living things for millions of years. Most of the medicine we use in our daily lives comes from some natural source, such as aspirin wich is derived from Salix Alba aka. Willow bark!

The truth is, you can't patent something that was created by nature. So major profits come from the modified or synthetic versions of these natural resources. The basic natural elements are often lost this way, and with the processing often comes health and safety risks. While willow bark tea can fix your headache naturally, its potent cousin Aspirin is one of the top causes of stomach and gastrointestinal bleeding in the US!

While having a high rate of cancer in my family, I want to find the safe and holistic way to use the medicines made by Mother Earth in their natural forms. There are techniques to harness the healing powers of nature in your own home, and I aim to help you all learn how, and find peace in body and mind!




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