by on March 24, 2021

Hey tribe I am indigo mystic Azary Moon with the 420 nurses Los Angeles chapter. Today I want to share how my spiritual journey led me to the 420 nurses. Most spiritualist and readers I have spoken to tell me that their spiritual awakening happened after times of great struggle. Well my struggle began in 2008 when the father of my child and partner since the age of 15 passed away. By far the hardest time of my life followed by the next few years. Well around 2010 or 2011 I was in a really bad relationship and because of those struggles I turned to crystals to help me, and it worked! Through my hardest struggles came my most growth! 

My whole life I have been pulled to and called to tarot and being a reader. In 2018 I bought my fist tarot deck and that is when my psychic awakening began! For the next couple of years I gave my readings away for reviews to teach myself quickly! Here I am now 28+ card decks and 100+ positive reviews (never a negative one.) I found my calling! 

Now I am a Heyoka shaman, a practice I created. My gifts come from my native american lineage the Tohono o'odham nation. And I want to give a shout of the Zombo for nurturing my mind body and soul in a way that I feel free to grow and let my spirit free.

Just know if you are struggling on your journey every single person's journey is unique and different. The spiritual journey is a very solitary journey of what you want in your spiritual life. There are no dead lines and the only person you have to please is yourself! 

In 2020 my journey with natural medicine and natural healing led me to the beautiful, confident and impowering 420  nurses. I found the soul tribe that I have been searching for, for years now. Helping these girls and guys helps me along my growth! I feel abundent and blessed since I walked in the 420 nurses boutique the first time. It truly is a sisterhood and the family we needed.