Karla gee
by on January 9, 2021

Hey guys I hve some exciting news I'm running for miss jet set for 2021. So far I'm in 4 th place.  N it's exciting. I never knew I could possibly be a winner n be on the cover. This would mean so much to me cuz I've always wanted to be a model but I was too short to walk on runways n shit. 2 years ago I joined this lovely group of women I call sisters n they have helped me have great opportunities. Now that I'm in an active chapter I'm so grateful for everything. Winning this would mean so much to me cuz it would boost my confidence up n know that I have great support from all of you guys!!!! I seriously would if anyone of u guys vote for me on there n maybe donate some money to the B+ foundation. I have a link on here that will take u straight to it. Guys i dont know how to express this feeling of joy thank you so much!!! 😻😻