Karla gee
by on November 19, 2020

hi everyone im bbylungz 420 but my real name is Karla.

so ive been apart of 420 nurses for like 3/4 years now n when i first started i didnt really know what it was about i just new i wanted to get into modeling and being apart of the cannabis industry. i got introduced to this amazing company by stonerprincess. i joined a different chapter at the time (not mentioning which one to avoid any conflicts) which at first was super fun but things after awhile came to a stop and i was just doing me. i didnt know what to do or how to make money with 420 nurses until recently about a month or so ago i was like i wanna get more involved with this but idk how. So i contacted Chyna from the Viva Las Vegas chapter n she invited me with "OPEN ARMS AND BIG DABS" (our chapter sologan) which made me feel super welcoming. I started being apart of this chapter when they became official October  1, 2020. 

Ever since than things have been different. Ive learned so many things that i didnt know about this company that im glad i know now about it and how to make more money. im so thankful fro the group of girls im with n helping me out. :)

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