Ryin Howery
by on November 17, 2020

So recently I gave out my first 5 star review  too you're really talented lady who I believe deserves it. The business is called lemon lime bakery 🍋 and I must say I'm never disappointed with anything that she makes everything is so delicious, I I just can't get enough. She makes amazing blueberry cheesecake Which is my absolute favorite kind, But of course she can make a flavor. She started out with her first flavor of peppermint patty which turned into a large Arabi I have a bout 10 flavors now. I'm absolutely in love with the coconut, blueberry & strawberry cheesecake ones but like I said everything she makes is delicious and all the flavors make me happy! The last thing I would like to shout out is her lemon sugar cookies, that make my taste buds want the whole batch in one sitting ❤️ Everything she makes can be infused or regular if you would like. But 100% recommend her to anybody who is interested in tasty goodies! She'd the best baker please show her support 🙏🏻

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