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                                       ****Twerk TuesDay Realness****

I have sooo much love for Twerk Tuesday! It has given me so much self confidence and has made me love my body in all its glory. Twerk Tuesday has brought some dope ass ladies in my life that all support and promote each other. I joined my first Twerk tuesday about 5 or 6 months ago and i barely wanted to look at the camera let alone shake my booty in it, now i literally do it without hesitation hahahaha.One of the biggest added perks is that Twerk Tuesday has helped me lose almost 40 pounds!! Now when I say this i dont mean 1 twerk tuesday class a week made me lose the weight, i mean it has gotten me twerking and dancing to every little thing i do in my life, has made me want to take the stairs when i could use the elevator, helped me burn the calories when i wasnt eating the best. Plus cannabis has studies that link it to regulating your metabolism(but that is for another blog:)) .

 To all my ladies who have ever thought about joining us but never had the courage to rsvp, Do it girl!! you will absolutley love it! It will change the way we all view female friendships and how women can truly be there for one another. There are a whole bunch of ladies just like you. We are the girls who will never judge you, we may get you extremely baked tho!! Come smoke and feel sexy with us! 

if you have never attended twerk class comment down below ! 

lets talk, because i feel like we need to talk Girl!  :)

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