by on July 30, 2020


I was excited to go to the gym with a friend of mine @smoking.sista

She showed me new machines to use. i did a little more Biceps and core. i did mostly legs and cardio. we jogged on an elipticle and the tread mill a mile each Machine. i appreciate her going with me we kicked ass in there. Planet fitness is so quiet, its very different from LVAC. 

my boss let me borrow his juicer to see if thats the brand i like instead of trial and error with different machines.


Today - 7/30/2020

Ill be going to Sprouts after work to be getting some Crisp veggies and juicy Fruits for the machine i just got. 

also ill be going to LVAC to work out again with my trainer. its been 4 days in a row going to the gym. and im sore AF.

I have been doing yoga after my workouts because after i get home from the gym i have a little snack and dont want to fall asleep right after i eat. 

Tomorrow will be my "rest" day but ill still be going to HOT Yoga . @modoyoga im in love with the Karma Classes.


Im super sore i Have been falling asleep easier and faster. but i wake up SUPER HUNGRY!! so instead of Breaking my fast i drink lots of water when i first wake up. so i dont feel as hungry. i also will have a fresh pressed juice from @Carpediem to bring my blood sugar up a bit because i feel sluggish. one it hits 12 i have my lunch/ breakfast.

when i get home i shower change into workout clothes smoke for a min and clean up a bit and have a snack and hour before i hit the gym. i drink a cup of water before i leave and i head to the gym. depending on what we are doing we work for an hour to an hour and 45 mins. 

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