by on July 29, 2020


That was my first day at the gym. we worked on triceps and core. i complained alot (i was not a happy camper but i kept up)

i felt dead yesterday.


i started my 16:8 Fasting (fast for 16 hours and eat between the hours of 12-8)

i ate some fruits and a potato salad with some baby arugla 

First i started with twerking tuesday  

we worked on biceps and back (i held back from complaining and just kept telling myself this is pretty easy and pushed myself as much as i could)

each day we do about an hour to and hour and 45 min. 

once i got home from the gym i ate 1 grain pasta and some chicken with pesto, onions, peppers, and garlic. (Didnt go back for seconds)

and while waiting for my food to digest i did some yoga that i learned in my hoy yoga class i take on fridays for and hour and a half. working on my breathing and stretching.



today is my trainers rest day but im going to be pushing myself to go with @smoking.sista

we will be working on cardio

im going to push myself to do some more core work. 


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