by on July 27, 2020

Good Morning,

           I am starting a new lifestyle. i eat when im bored or depressed. i eat when im hungry (im always HUNGRY). i need a new way to live. i am going to start juicing and staying away from bad carbs. i was recently vegan and i thought it would help with my body aches and inflamation. It helped but still pretty bad. so i switched to pescitarian and chicken/turkey. i feel full just a tad longer but im always still so hungry.

im going to start working out, im going to motivate myself to start blogging about my changes. ill be uploading improvements and challenges. i recently started going to a hot yogo in las vegas and it changing how i veiw myself as a challenge, my body needs a challenge. its how ive always been ever since i danced on my pole. i started a new job about three years ago that took me away from the club scene. so since then i havnt been to active. 


Today will be starting the journy with buying a new juicer and some crisp vegitables and fruits.

Today i will go to the gym. 

Today I will not take seconds at dinner 

Today i will not have anything sweet after.

Today i will not eat after 8pm

Today i will drink a of water.


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