by on June 20, 2020

Hi there everyone! My name is Diana Foster, but in this beautiful online universe we all share, I also go by MissyFreya. 

My whole entire life I have always struggled to understand and accept myself for who I am in my entirety. I grew up in an a small southern town, in an extremely conservative, obsessively religious family. I was forced to wear skirts, not cut my hair, and never wear makeup. Dating outside of my race, much less my religion, was forbidden. I spent three days every week listening to a different "man of God" explain in detail the horrors of hell that any homosexual would face. I knew I was different, I had felt attraction to the same sex as long as I could remember, and I fell into deep anxiety and depression.

Discovering marijuana truly saved my life. Through marijuana, I was able to reflect inwards to better manage my anxiety, and my depression. I honestly feel that through this magical plant, I've discovered the strength within myself to live my truth more and more everyday. Today, I've come out as a Pansexual Polyamorous woman, and I'm doing my best everyday to help others find that same strength inside of themselves that I found within myself.

That is why I love 420 Nurses so much. I whole heartedly feel and believe that this brand wants to do the exact same for women everywhere. The empowerment, hustle, heart, and love at the core of 420 Nurses is what sets it apart, and I will always be behind that.

xx MissyFreya 😘❤