by on May 27, 2020

Not only does the 420Nurses allow you to be you but it educates you for your future. My son is5 years old and asked me why I smoke, I simply explained  "it's mommy's medicine so she can be the best she can for you". Now my son is beyond smart and started asking questions i wasn't ready to answer, but he did ask if he could use my medicine I explained that he couldn't smoke cause he wasn't old enough but I did tell him that "mommy's friends down at the 420Nurses have this stuff called C-B-D and it helps special boys like you"!! You see my son is borderline autistic and in many studies it shows that kids his age have been using it and actually being able to calm and treat the tantrums of autism!! People ask me constantly why are apart of something that could potentially kill you? But those are the same people who don't see the world like I do, who don't live the life I do, see weed, thc, wax, C-B-D, to me and my son it's a way of surviving.