by on May 22, 2020

When I joined 420nurses I was so happy !! At the time I justed moved to LA, so everything was new and fun !! Just like a kid in a candy store ! Being welcomed by all the lovely 420family around was really great for me !! I fell in deep depression due to so many loss loved ones and pets befor I moved here it was a fresh start !! I was scared at first didnt think I was gonna fit in and turns out this is the family I been looking for !! We laugh,  we smoke, we hype each other up, we TWERK and help each other when we need it the most !! Being apart of 420nurses really helps build up confidence in myself ! BIG OR SMALL, SHORT OR TALL you are beautiful !! Models come in all size and color so love who you are !! I never thought I would love myself the way I do now so thank you to all the love from everyone !!! You are what makes 420nurses so special πŸ˜œπŸ’™ AFTER THE WEED WE ARE ALL YOU NEED ! 

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High5 & Testify Miss B.E true beauty & confidence start from within we just need 2 get High & by with a little help from R friends.............424/7-4ever !