Katie Jade Durham
by on April 3, 2020

The ability to go outside, sit on the ground and soak up the sun was great. The fact that my husband brought me a joint to share outside made it so much better.

I am going a bit stir crazy and I need an escape. My mental health depends on it at this time. Maybe a self done photo shoot? Maybe pick up a good book and get lost? I don't know what it is I need but I need something. Any suggestions are welcome ♡ I hope everyone is well ♡

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i have been staying as active as i can, I painted my whole room, i went through everything i own and cleaned and organized it all, i did a lot of juicing, i have some books i want to read, i have some things i want to write, i have some videos i want to make, i filmed a hike with my roommate we had ... View More
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