by on March 19, 2020

!!!  This is not a review of a business, this is a personal review of a favorite strain that I believe others who suffer from chronic pain could use  !!!!

Choosing a strain of weed to smoke is sometimes very easy. For myself I have guidelines I tend to follow, one of which being; there needs to be a measurable amount of CBG-A. Everyone in the cannabis community right now is speaking in more simple terms of Indica, Hybrid and Sativa. It is accurate to call the stains by these qualifiers but each strain has a very complex assortment of cannabinoids. Now as most will be able to tell you, C-B-D calms you down and THC will pick you up, but there is so much more to that than meets the eye. 

Recently I was told by a very helpful Budtender in Oxford that the cannabinoid CBG-A will literally relax my physical body and ease my pain. She explained that while C-B-D is commonly said to calm the body that is not necessarily true for everyone. For some individuals C-B-D will wake up the body instead. She was totally correct. C-B-D will wake my body up, allow me to function and be a little more clear headed while I go about my day. However, smoking an indica strain never puts me to sleep. It masks my pain and feels like a jolt of caffeine. Meanwhile a Sativa strain wreaks havoc on my body. From paranoia to insomnia, Sativa is not right for me. So this beautiful blue haired lady, whose name I never caught, showed me several strains listed as hybrid. The ones she gave me were generally low in THC, high in C-B-D and had a measurable amount of CBG-A. This is the compound that will actually relax your muscles and nerves. My satisfaction with smoking skyrocketed. 

One of those strains was Death Star. Goodness Gracious I want to grow this wonderful strain. It has everything that a strong Purple Urkle has but so mellow. It tastes phenomenal, like springtime rain, and hits almost instantly. I never did like strains that when smoked take like 20 minutes, by then I've smoked another 3 bowls and basically feel like wasted weed. This strain was so strong that I actually left half my bowl untouched. It lasted longer than two hours and overall I didn’t feel high. I actually like not feeling high because as some of you may know I have a small child. I am still responsible and I wont drive after smoking, my wonderful care-taker does the driving for me, I also never go into appointments or anything important inebriated. My pain often makes caring for the child very difficult, but smoking Death Star allowed me to go days on end feeling almost like I am not disabled. From changing him to playing I felt very well, I felt happy, my depression went down, my anxiety went down and I was able to sit on the floor and play for 20-30 minutes. It was a great feeling. I will end this short little blog-review by saying, I miss the strain already and hope to stock up soon. 


Thanks for reading!

Dusty O’hara.

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