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I am super bummed that all the theme parks are closing down as well as our upcoming Exxxotica event in Chicago. I mean I enjoy staying home because I wanted to but not when I didn’t want to! I just bought annual passes for me and the guys as well as my kids. So, what are some of the things everyone is doing for their at-home spring breaks?

I am playing the Sims4 because it’s one of my favorite games and I can mostly control what’s going on in my life there. Many of the video game players are happy to have another reason not to go out anyway. I stopped going to live video game events when we had a shooting in Duval over one. People are really emotional these days and why get caught up in someone’s tantrum when it’s usually pretty safe at home. I am so upset about this virus. I had planned to go to the Renaissance Festival in Tampa and then the first germ infestation occurred there. The 420 Pinups Shoot-fest was not far from there but because I am scared I did not go to that either. The Year of the Rat is starting out rough.  

We live in a rural area of Duval and fishing is a big deal to my younger mate. Longjohn420 really loves to fish but has not had any time in the past 2 years as I have been training him non-stop to be my photographer, makeup artist, hairstylist, and stunt dummy. Piratejoe420 has also been in training but he is not skilled in the tech area so he does things like make French fries, brush my hair, washes my dog, and washes my car as well as other hands-on projects. I expect them to go fishing because it’s pretty safe out in the woods right now and I just don’t have the patience to entertain anyone this weekend. I am planning to shoot a video of them fishing naked and hanging out in the woods because we do have our CAM4 cam-a-thon going on as XBIZ has not been canceled yet that I know of.

Photography and video take so much time. I am so bad at creating content. I do the creating but then it sits on my hard drive. I am still learning about editing so that is my excuse. I am trying to do more video and less cam because then you don’t have to be online at the same time as people for them to get your goodies.  I actually have 15gb of photos and videos I have to edit and release! I am shy also. That is why camming is hard. Sometimes when the guys ask me to go private I just get off the computer because I feel anxiety. I like talking to people and making them feel happy but the dildo thing I am quite lazy about. I also laugh on cam when I am supposed to be serious. Longjohn420 and I were having sex and I just kept laughing. He was trying to punish me but it just made me laugh.

Books are a great past time to catch up on right now while you are at home for these extra days or weeks. I have been reading Amberly Rothfields books on phone sex and Domination. I love her. I have met her in person and she is so awesome. I am on a mission to learn as much as possible so I can share my knowledge with my 420 Nurse team. Not everyone can travel just to learn so I take advantage of our classes at Exxxotica Expo to enlighten my sexual soul. I have the Amazon Fire Tablet and Kindle Unlimited so I have a million books for 9.99 a month. That is the best part of my Prime account. It is very helpful with homeschooling to have any book on hand right away. I am planning on writing a book to be sold on Amazon since I have read several books there that I felt I could have done an adequate if not better job writing.

Music has been soothing me all week as I am trapped in my virus-free zone. I used to use Spotify and Pandora but since I got Alexa I have Amazon Prime music and it’s great because my tablet, Alexa, and the computer all respond to my voice now so I can just scream out what I want to hear. There is also such a huge variety of music on it. I want my kids to experience all kinds of music not just what they play on the radio. Music really changes how you feel. I might be stuck in this house but I can hear sounds of the islands and feel like a cool breeze is blowing. I have germ free breeze blowing in my house from my Rainbow air cleaner.  I can even get a thunderstorm to play which is the path to go to sleep.

Cooking is one of my favorite activities because after you medicate what do you need? I have cooked so much this week because I am finally at home long enough. I made roasted leg of lamb, tacos, roast beef, cabbage, and other vegetables with flavor on them. I really do not like steamed plain vegetables. I currently cam while cooking and get undressed in the process. I am also maintaining a rather large collection of photos in a folder called, “Things I ate while I was High.” This is what my blog was supposed to be about but now I am kind of explaining my background first through blogging here at 420 Nurses.

I want to get to know the other nurses as I have been looking at everyone’s pictures for the last several years. I am a funny chick and we all love the same things. I am also older than most of the other nurses so if you have any questions about life I have already made all the mistakes you are considering. I miss the video chat we used to have here. I didn’t know anyone then so I was always too shy to get on until the last month we had it! Feel free to email me on or MFC.Im/asiankitty420.

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