by on January 23, 2020

My goals is this year is to just let go, I'm tired of feeling like I need approval from others when I only need my own. Ive always looked for some type of physical relationship when I should have been building it with myself. Last year I went thru so many things, I didn't think I'd get thru. I got pregnant last year around this time and I wasn't able to keep it so that took a part of me and then the company I love so much put me on temporary probation cause of my past actions and I can't be upset cause I was really dumb the year before last so yeah. Then to top everything off I lost 3 family members in less than 3 months last year also and that right there woke me up like I've been sleeping for years and I needed something to just wake me and I wish it wasn't like that but it's something I need to realize that I don't need anyone approval but my own. After losing my dad I went back to Hawaii for Christmas and New Years and being out there I knew what I wanted for this year. I don't wanna be struggling with money or caring if someone likes me or not. I wanna build me up and make my life something, I got my permit last year and I've been trying to practice so I can get my license ASAP cause it'll be so much more better when I have it. I can already feel it. Everyone thinks I'm so strong but in reality I'm just as scared and terrified what's going to happen next. I will grow this year more to become my full potential! πŸ”₯πŸ’― 

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