by on January 22, 2020

My freedom 

  When I feel you I feel you deep 

Almost like a Passion but some how I can’t figure you out . 

What am I ? is my question why do I allow this to happen to me ? Am I good enough? How can I get better ? 

Why? But the real question is why not me ? 

How do I change mentality when you can’t explain it ? 

But now ...... My mind has been forced to shuts its mouth and how do I scream for help . How do I fill that while I do desperately try to fill. Why do I label my self ? “Because of the peoples eyes” said the voice in my head . I hate how that hole is full of darkness  but I try to fill it , it converts it to nothingness. I can’t explain I can only hope you understand my  Psychedelic mind . Why this sadness when I now have control of my life ? My mind continues to keep its mouth shut and thinks it’s forbidden to speak . But I know deep inside I was scream and speak until I DONT have a voice . My this is why so many heart breaks exist. Why do I always wanna fix the world instead of me ? Because I’m already ash and there is nothing I am truly good for but to nurture the ground .  

Sometimes I’m numb and it scares me because I want the butterflies and to feel like I’ve been idolize but reality is every one for there own. My Tripp is more deep thank I thought . But the shadow of sadness my live has lived that I wish I new how the warmth of the sunshine felt. If I can be pure one more time I would change everything but I am for ever a pickle .. if you guys DONT get the psychology of the pickle in a jar.ask me ? 


Sometimes when I look at my body I just see a stranger and I can only describe my feelings threw art . Well that died too and now it’s time to grow up and keep moving because with it with out you the world moves . At the end of the day we have to idolize ourselves and that’s how we live with ourselves but what happens when you can’t ? Well ground zero is where you are and ground zero I am if I can just try to get to 1 maybe I will fall into this trance . 


Im sorry for the shitty grammar 

I wrote this because if I don’t let go I can’t go one if you don’t understand I’m sorry so much on my brain 🧠 and so many little word to explain . 

-peace and  love

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