by on January 10, 2020

So I'm in the process of creating a podcast. The topics we will discuss and name of the podcast is SEX&CANNABIS. The neon sign you see on this post was created by my dear boyfriend and I. We have 2 episodes recorded and in the process of being edited. I'd love to share a sample with you ladies here on 420nurses.Com very soon and get some opinions. 

I'm writing this blog to spread the word so I have some listeners when I start streaming it, but also to get some inspiration and suggestions. Currently we are discussing a number of topics pertaining to the cannabis industry. Interviewing cultivators, sales reps, promotional models, activists, news, brand reviews etc. And also discussing sexual taboos and things that make people uncomfortable. Things that SHOULDN'T make you uncomfortable. Kinks, sexual orientation, toys, shitty sex stories, science behind female orgasms and birth control. And a shit ton of other topics. 

If you have an idea that you think alot of people would be interested in, please leave a comment. Or a topic that you feel needs to be discussed more or things you're curious about or have knowledge about. It could even be a topic that doesn't necessarily pertain to sex or cannabis but you're interested in hearing a discussion about it. Fun facts, Politics, culture, new products etc. I'm very open minded and comfortable talking about ANYTHING so feel free to comment ideas or even DM me if you'd like it to remain private. Thank you ladies! Much love. 

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