by on January 9, 2020

Hey <3 I’m a brand ambassador for Budlight’s newest product Budlight Seltzer’s 🤗 I will promoting all month in multiple locations. This Monday I’ll be going to 3 different bars in dtla sampling $100 of product at each bar 🤗 yes that means Free Drinks on me . I will also be going to my local El super in Panorama city Were I live . right across the street from my grandmas house .. hope she can come see me in action :D this agency allows you to pick from hundreds of locations! U can work one gig u can work a lot depends on you. U can stay local or go to a lot of locations depending on you. I don’t even drive but I am reliable with my transportation . So no U don’t need to drive. if I can go to multiple locations with no car just imagine what you can do with your car? Or even if u don’t drive like I said as long as u don’t act problematic with transportation you can do it (: Right now there’s is alotttttttt of gigs that need to be filled so if your interested in working in the promotional modeling field with alcohol just ask me how to sign up