Mister Capture
by on December 29, 2019

On May 7,2018, ©Mister Capture Productons™ (MCP)and ©420-Nurses™ Started a new motion and partnered up for one of Hottest collaborations to reach social platforms and began a new journey on the way to success. The day We purchased our photographers kit from the 420Nurses boutique; we can still remember, it was night time and the boutique was still open for their last hour. Rushing to the bank to deposit money, 3 of us made our way to the Los Angeles ©420-Nurse™ Boutique; excited as can be, met up with ©420-Nurse™ President ChaChaVavoom along with Summer-Rain and Doc Blah and proceeded to the checkout on the ©420-Nurse™ Store where the purchase was complete and so began the ©420Nurse™ collaboration With ©MIster Capture Productions™ (MCP).