by on December 14, 2019

Have you ever done something you were so extremly passionate about and been nothing but a failure at it? I have been an artist my whole life dabbling in things here and there but my passion has always been my chainmaile jewelry,  I have been making chainmaile for going on 15 years now there are always new things to learn and try however im learning that the more you know is not always better! I show my jewelry in 3 different art galleries, I have several different desings and styles but yet not one person is willing to try an wear it. I always get the remarks " I just dont know what i would wear it with or when i would wear it or i would wear that once and it would just sit in my jewelry box. what people refuse to understand is that you can wear my jewelry when ever, where ever and with what ever you desire thats the best part about my jewelry it will match just about everything. I tell people this along with the fact that it Nickle free ( hypo allergenic), lightweight durable and take several hours if not days to build and its easy to clean. I have come close to quiting on may occasions but no matter what, I always come crawling back to my passion of chainmaile jewelry design. Unfortunately though it is not paying the bills and now my house is at risk as well as my car and business, i dont know what else to do, what does one do when one has no other skills other than sales and art... what does one do when they have ABSOLUETLY NOTHING LEFT... what does one do when they bend over backwards for the world but the world just shoves a giant middle finger up your bum.... what is one supposed to do other than find a nice quite corner to cry in over the stress and depression of being a COMPLETE FAILURE????


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