by on December 13, 2019

I run an art gallery in the heart of downtown galveston texas as well as showcase my own art in several gallery locations. The frustration I have is that living and working in an artist community the area is saturated with all the same art. If anyone try's to implement something new its frowned upon and deemed unfit for the locations.  As a jewelry artist I have run into the problem of NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IT IS. Or my favorite I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR THAT WITH! As an all around around who dabbles in a bit of everything. My favorite thing people say is I CAN DO THAT FOR WAY CHEAPER AND MUCH BETTER!  It has become increasingly harder for me to keep my tounge tied and not tell them well put up or shut work is very tedious and extremely time consuming one wrong step and I could have to start the project all over again. As for my modeling. I'm running into the problem of demand these models get so caught up in them selves that they forget where they came from. They want things done a certain way, where as I'm just excited, humbled and proud that I even got a call back I'm still a struggling artist. I am still living loan to loan from family. I am still learning to survive on my own (which btw I'm not that horrid at ) I can cook and clean and all that adulty stuff because I had to become an adult way to early... which leads me into my next thought... the way you were raised defines you as a child what you decide to do with your life as a teenager is what makes you who you are! 

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