by on November 29, 2019

Happy Black Friday! Can you believe this day is considered a real Holiday? Places are closed in my town because of it, bleck. 

Anywho, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by the poeple you love and don't cause you stress.


Thanksgiving and Holidays are hard for some people, whether its because they don't have a family to celebrate, dealing with family creates a negative or toxic environment, or simply because you hate holidays. Whatever the reason is, I hope you found something special and amazing to make your day great.

It snowed in the High Desert, the entire Antelope Valley is covered in snow. My Husband was not able to go through Hwy 58 because of the road closures. All but one lane was open, he sat in traffic for 3 hours and didn't even make it 10 miles. Crazy, right?

Luckily I was able to spend my holiday with my Husband :) I made Chicken Panes for the first time and it was delicious. 

We don't spend time with family, either of ours. It was a difficult decision to make a few years back and every year we get at least one guilt trip text or comment from someone, but the anxiety and negativity is so overwhelming when i visit my family...its not worth it. I've had alot of people say "they're your family, you only get one." "they're you're family, you should be thankful for them." "they're you're family, you should at least spend an hour with them."


That is the worst thing anyone could ever say to me, honestly! Because this is what i think "they're my family, they shouldnt treat me like garbage." I'm not one to hold grudges, I have forgiven my family. But I will not put myself in a position where I feel any less than amazing. I won't do it. I know what my triggers are and I make sure I avoid them at all costs. 


Why am i telling you this? Because I know someone has been wanting to do this, i know i have at least one person who is waiting for the oppurtune moment to "do their own thing." Be like Nike and just do it. It's such a relief for so many reasons. 1. I don't have to travel, anywhere. 2. I cooked 2 things lol. Chicken and Sauce. It was delicious. I could've made more but we just didn't this year. 3. I was so relaxed and comfortable I didn't stress about anything either. 

The holidays filled with stress are no holidays at all. I hope you don't put yourself through anything this holiday season and enjoy the ones who love being around you. Correct, you're born into a family; but that doesn't mean you cant create your own family with friends and other loved ones. Family is who lifts you up and encourages you.


Happy Thanksgiving Nurses and Friends :)

I hope you have an amazing one.