by on November 20, 2019

Even though i was born in the summer . I f***en love the winter , i love fact of layering up and cuddling nexxt your love one and watching movies . When its  raining i usally lift up my garage door and smoke while watching the rain , i dont know why but thats MOOD. so many great things about winter like , Snow in the mountains <3, warm food and warm blankets.

i usally make hot chocolate and roll a fat one and play music as im smoking . i honestly hate the summer . because the heat makes you feel so sticky. Not only that but you get irritated because of calis hummidity. But when winter comes i love that caldo season if you know what i mean. Caldo mean soup in spanish. 

The winter fashion is one of the best ass well , because  they come up with some of the cutest styles. For example those caot dresses OMFG so cute with some black tights and booties.  And dont get me started on uggs ! im such a huge fan of uggs just because their boots are so warm and easy to put on , which they also realesed slides. 

Everyone knows once winter is here that means thanks giving and christmas. Family vibes  and expirences and thats what life is about . Dont forget to be greatfull for what you have because most dnt come close to what we have.  


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