Baby Green
by on November 17, 2019

The 420 nurses fashion show was a really good time I had the wonderful opportunity of performing it was amazing to feel energy from the crowd. I dressed up as Jessie from Toy story and everybody loves my costume I bought it downstairs at the 420 nurses Boutique and got a great deal.


You can really tell that everybody had a good time make sure everybody was faded we had some dab bars set up. There was a really cool art show that had some UV lights on it and it made it look really cool , I even had the pleasure of speaking to the artist and talking to him. I network with some pretty cool people and all around everybody was just having a really great time. There were some really cool photo shoots and I got a lot of awesome pictures the backdrops were crazy and there was so many photographers! I’m really looking forward to the next fashion show because I know it’s going to be Poppin!

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