by on November 14, 2019

Hello don't get me wrong it's nice to walk into a dispensary an buy medicated tea a quick fix right? Wrong you over pay for packaging you throw away.. But, you have the best stuff at your "HOUSE" your old stems an scraps behind!! Cut open tea bag of your choice put in your stems & scraps of bud! Tie in knot with I use dental floss! Just like you make coffee in the morning! Grab your favorite coffee mug coffee creamer pour little splash on the tea bag soaking up & pulling out fat in THC! Heat up water in a microwave in a measuring cup for about a 1 min on high then pour water on tea bag an put small plate on top to sit. Then use two spoons or a fork an strain out tea bag into cup! Wait few mins to cool then drink before work with sativa or at night indica for sleep an relaxation! I hope you try an let me k ow what you think how it worked for you!! Love you live always Owlways420