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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: our generation has been on an unexpected health binge.

While the United States has been moving in and out of the Top 10 Most Obese Countries in the World, a lot of the population is shying away from the “overweight” stereotype. They are starting to adopt a healthier lifestyle that just happens to sometimes involve cannabis. Some people aren't sold on the idea though. Because of this, I did some research and talked to some experts to find out if cannabis can help you work out?


With a now more health-conscious society, we have to begin to abandon harmful substances and practices with cannabis leading the way as an alternative. It’s only natural that its combined use has been adopted into the world of fitness.

Cannabis, with both its mental and physical effects, has helped act as a bridge into fitness for many. Regardless of the practice being either martial arts, body-building, or yoga, our favorite plant has found a helping place in them all!

The Facts


Some time ago, I wrote a piece on the medical benefits one could reap from combined cannabis use and yoga. When I originally penned it, I did the research; but, it became something that I wanted to look into further.

Now that I have free time, why not dive deeper?

You can also watch our video interview!

The cannabis industry is still young and medical research on the plant hasn’t been as extensive as most of would have liked. While the issue remains slightly federal, it still prevents steady progress in some avenues. Considering this truth, personal experience is the only way we’ll get any answers.

A few others have tried experimenting with the combination and the results have been mostly positive. Mind Body Green’s Lindsay Kellner did this with her recent experience with cannabis consumption and yoga. She says:

“As a consumer who doesn’t medicate regularly, the experience seemed to calm the social anxiety and inability to focus at the end of the day."

In the book that piqued the interest in the activity, Ganja Yoga: A Guide to Conscious Relaxation, Soothing Pain Relief, and Enlightened Self-Discovery, yogis explained the benefits of creating a more focused exercise as well as its positive influence on mental and physical conditions.

Newsweek recalls an interview by the New York Daily News with Dr. Jonathann Kuo, executive director of New York City’s Hudson Spine & Pain Medicine where he states:

“From a medical standpoint, marijuana helps relax the airway and can actually help people breathe a little better. Some strains give you a body high and can make you more in touch with your body. Both help with yoga.”


Many practitioners in the United States,  as well as India, believe cannabis to be a great asset in relaxing before starting an exercise. Some, however, feel cannabis’ state-altering effects can take away from the very thing yoga intends to do. All the conflicting ideas leave the results down to individuals and their personal tolerance.

As someone who smokes on a regular basis but, hasn’t actively worked out since 2014, I thought I would be a great candidate to check the motivation and effectiveness of my workout.

Keller claims that it helps with anxiety and focus, contrary to the popular belief of the lazy stoner. To discuss and combat this, we’re meeting up with a friend from Raw Habitz to see first hand if cannabis can make a difference.

So, let's get this experiment started.

For anyone curious, here is the list of strains fo forms of consumption we used before, during, and after the smoke sesh.

You can also watch our video interview!

Strains Smoked

NYC Diesel Vape

RSO Go Cartridge in GSCxOGKB



Eli & Ashley: Raw Habitz is basically about showing the community that you can live a fit, active, healthy life with the use of cannabis. We are breaking through those stereotypes and those stigmas of the unproductive and lazy pothead smoker.

Joy: So, you obviously aren’t lazy stoners. Do you think the strains you consume play into that?

RH/Eli: Yes, definitely. I think understanding medicinally how the plant works [plays a part]. I can feel those effects. I feel more focused more, aware of my surroundings when I’m smoking more sativa based strains. They don’t give me that crazy boost of energy like drinking coffee, or taking pre-workout but, it does keep me focused, relaxed and helps hone into the moment. I always feel more relaxed and more grounded.

Lindsey: I agree. I felt like that during our workout

J: Oh yeah, I was feeling pretty confident about myself with those poses

L: A lot of people have this stigma that if you smoke before you work out, you’re gonna get lazy and forget to workout or just not feel like doing it. I think that can happen but, you guys have it down with picking the right strain like hybrid to sativa-dominant hybrid. A common misconception is that all weed is created equally. How does that affect your workout and motivation?

RH/E: I think that’s a beautiful thing you are asking because you have to go in knowing what you are doing first. You have to have a plan. I’m going to the gym I know what I’m gonna kill out: chest, triceps, do my abs and my run.

So I figure out my plan first.

As soon as you get high, most people wanna sit there. You lose initiative with no plan or idea. It can be anything, like you cleaning your car. Have a plan! I gotta get water, get soap, get that sponge ready. Have that planned out in your head. That’s active, that’s what we are trying to promote here.

RH/Ashley: I think it all depends on the terpenes. Every strain is gonna have it’s on terpene profile. I’ve smoked strains to whereafter, I just wanna lay on the couch and relax. Some of those strains can be great if you need a rest day or extra sleep. But there are others that can get you pumped and ready for a run or some are better for a yoga session. When you wanna zone on something.

L: I think Fire OG is a perfect strain choice. If I remember correct -every batch will vary- but I remember it having a bit of Myrcene, a little bit of Limonene, and a bit of Linalool. They’re all relaxing but that Limonene will make you [cheesy] and give you that bit of uplifting motivation you need. Fire OG in itself is special (namely one of my favorite strains) because it’s parent strains are a sativa forward pheno cut of SFV OG and classic OG Kush that’ll smack you with citrus flavor and even induce a touch of anxiety in those uninitiated.

RH/E: You can definitely tell, this one is peaking.

RH/A: We’re still shifting from this whole idea of looking at cannabis as a substance and a way to numb oneself. Cannabis is a very complex plant that can be used in so many ways

J: Since we’re talking about the physical effects it can have, do you feel like it can also help with anxiety, stress, and insecurities with going to the gym or getting the motivation to get out of bed even?

RH/A: Definitely! It definitely can help with anxiety and depression. Even like...switching your mood. It’s very odd how it does that but I will get off work after a 7 hour shift. Then I get home, I take a hit or two and then I’m doing yoga for an hour and a half. You wouldn’t think a plant that has a reputation for making people lazy would do that. It really depends on that profile too. It’s for sure possible that it can change your mood or your thoughts and evens shift the way you feel.

L: I think it goes back to having a plan. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve fallen victim to sitting on the couch, having a snack, maybe hitting my pen too many times and get stuck watching tv. That’s where those terpenes and strains come into play and can change things. I like heavy strains because they’re great for my anxiety, but I have to try and select something thats the right balance of heavy while still being uplifting and motivational.

RH/E: Touching on alleviating anxiety we actually went on a Disney trip. I set up this whole packing list and I was overwhelmed, thinking I gotta stay up late and do all of this stuff. As soon as I smoked, a different perspective came over me. I just had to take my time. I don’t need to overwhelm myself with how long the list is: just take it step by step. Then I already started to calm down; I thought I’m chill. I got the weed, Imma be smoking, and before I know, it’s done.

J: Even when we were doing the workout, I can say cannabis has helped me. People can become a little anxious before working out when you don’t work-out on the regular. I hate to admit that I don’t as much. We try to avoid doing certain things around other people because of anxiety and insecurities but, weed can help you overcome those things by taking things little by little. I feel like that’s where it is beneficial in competitions and events or even working out because you can take a situation one step at a time instead of getting overwhelmed by the bigger picture.

RH/E: Yeah, so if I got chest and triceps, you just start doing and making little moves. Before you know it, 2 hours pass by, you’ve got a bomb work out in and you are ready to go home. Even just one hour is solid too.

L: Time goes by quick when you’re smokin’ sometimes, making chores and monotonous tasks easier. I hate to say it but I feel like I’m not the only person who doesn’t like working out directly, I’d rather have it seem like fun by doing yoga or some sort of obstacle course

RH/A: You were telling me Limonene and Pinene, those are the ones that are good for anxiety.

RH/E: Definitely! I like to get more strains high in Limonene and Pinene for the workouts...and Caryophyllene, of course, for the anti-inflammatory. I like to look at Limonene as the anti-depressant of terpenes. It’s the mood lifter, it gets you energetic and smiling and giggling. It’s happy jokes; good vibes!  Then Pinene is more of the alert, focused, more concentrated, zoned-in [high]. It could be like the Adderal of terpenes within cannabis.

L: Pinene is great, but it can act as a stimulant for certain people, I used to avoid strains with pinene because it made me more acutely aware of everything, and I wasn’t using it at the right times. For myself, Pinene rich strains before bed are a no no, because for me I’ll be laying there eyes closed and all, and my brain feels like it can’t shut off cause my thoughts are stirring due to the pinene.

RH/E: Like tunnel vision, that’s how crazy the focus can get. Then Caryophyllene, you want that balance in there too because you want that anti-inflammatory for any joint pains, muscle pains, any type of pain you are going through.

L: Your body buzz, so to speak. I really love b-caryophyllene, a.k.a. A-humulene. It gives a great balancing effect to certain strains in the way it gives you a light body tingle all over. It's a great anti inflammatory and you can really feel it all over, but it’s not as heavy as myrcene so our limbs don’t feel like cement

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