Halie Anna
by on October 21, 2019

Landscapes love silence, while with people, it is vice versa. You never know what they will tell you. Maybe, someone’s story will change my life or my photography will change the world of other people. These are the main reasons why I am a photographer. In people, I appreciate authenticity because imperfections add charisma and highlight uniqueness. You never know the result of the symbiosis of a photographer and a model. Every new person is a new story. Life is extremely fleeting and I want to remember all the moments and be able to store them, so I take pictures of people. I also want them to remember these moments and hope that over time, these photos will become even more valuable to them. The moment a person relaxes is a very important one for a photographer. During the shooting, I often play music because it’s not with everyone that I can enter a certain state and feel that we work as one for a common result. It is important to give free rein to people. As a photographer, I can only direct (for example), by saying “hug each other” but I never specify how. It’s because they will hug as they are used to, as they always do, not just for the perfect shot. I love to shoot relationships between people, raw images of pure personality. Candid photos are my all time favorite!  you can see a whole spectrum of positive emotions that can be experienced by a person. Looking at the images after many years, one can remember the warm feelings felt that day or in that period.  Photography is like a time machine. Photography is an opportunity to capture real moments. The best shots are live and emotional. I am always good at helping the model find their good angle and help them relax because I know how tense a person may be. While shooting  I always plan the framing. Before that, I go to the stock photography platform and explore the top images. I study the trendy ones and try to use the same concepts in my photo shoots. In addition, I give freedom to a model to improvise because by far, not every concept has been discovered. Everyone’s taking shots that are in trend but you can shoot something unique and find your own niche. It is important to find common grounds with a photographer if you’re aiming for good results.The most comfortable job is the one you really enjoy. The moment when you say to yourself “I can do more”, new opportunities will come up. Sometimes a small phrase will inspire you to start something new and to just get out there and create. 

  • 10 tips on becoming a successful photographer:
    1. Being consistent.
    2. Taking relevant images.
    3. Experimenting.
    4. Identifying what’s most important in your photography.
    5. Shooting a lot because practice makes perfect.
    6. Networking and exchanging experience.
    7. Understanding good photography, watching movies and capturing pictures, angles, and light that you will automatically remember during the photo shoot.
    8. Simple Backgrounds = Better Portraits.
    9. Always be ready
    10. Change up your perspective for better results.

I hope these tips will help you expand your creativity and become a photographer as well. It truely is an amazing way to express yourself and create magic through a lens. Its art and I will support and encourage everyone to try it out! I hope this helps, and thanks for reading! I am nominated in the 420 Awards for photographer. Even if I dont win It was still an honor being nominated. I have been a photographer with the 420 Nurses for two years now and I shoot with my chapter every Tuesday. I am always working on something, I have put in a lot of hard work and time on this company and I appreciate every single one of you who have worked with me, or supported me in any way. 

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