Elliene Dyer
by on October 6, 2019

Hi! If you don’t follow me on Instagram @weedassaurusrex then you probably have no idea who I am 😂. Let me please introduce myself. My name is Elliene, but all my friends just call me Ellie. If you’re reading this you are one of those friends now! Nice to meet you <3. I am located in Chicago Illinois and I am on the process of becoming a 420Nurse and inspiring my friends to do the same! There are so many reasons I wanted to come a 420Nurse and one of those biggest reasons is to impower and be a part of a movement. 

    420Nurses are a strong empowerment group of sexy, stoner babes who are trying to bring together the loves of gorgeous women, cute clothes, and of course the love for maryjane herself <3  I always wanted to bring awareness to the female stoner community and the movement to dress and express our bodies the way we see fit! I have always been a firm believer in being yourself and showing off a little skin. People believe that being a model is as simple as showing your boobs and doing a couple photos here and there, but there’s so much more to it. 

    Being a model means becoming a leader! You are a leader of the movement with 420Nurses! And together we will change the way the world comments on our bodies and view the female stoner community in a great way! It’s going to conventions, photo shoots, clubs, and even bars. It’s  staying up late and updating social sites. It’s 1,000 of fan messages and friend request you have to respond to. (Remember to be nice!Bullies don’t make fans :(.) By any means is it just a show of the boob and a photo here and there. It’s a passion and a lifestyle! Showing off the brand of 420Nurses and informing people is now a part of your everyday lifestyle or at least every other day lol. I feel like I can do all of this and MORE! Plus being photo hygienic and super friendly also helps on my part. :)

       Thank you so much if you took the time to read this blog and I can’t wait to be coming to Las Angels for the Intern meeting! There is nothing I am more excited about doing than now being an official 420Nurse. I hope you continue to all become my fans and enjoy all the content I will make and edit along the way. <3 Love you babes, Ellie is signing off.