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What dose is mean when you get a stomachache ?

Nearly everyone gets a stomachache at some point. And it can be many things that cause it , IBS,gas, food allergie, food poisoning  or even sensitiviy to tempature changes . These are just the basic stomach and headache pains that happen the most, but if you dont consult a doctor it can be  more serious. In my case I had food allergies and food poisoning so you can only imagen the double trouble. I woke up with a mild headache and stomachache so i thought taking a hot shower and taking a little nap would help. NOPE! about an hour into my nap my headache was getting stronger and my stomach was not agreeing as well so I drank DAYQUILL thinking it would take my pain away . 20 min into my nap i can feel the medicine flowing up my throat and of  course i started to vomit to the point i was dry heaving and my stomach acid was left. 

I called a friend to bring me mexican chiken soup , which has boiled chicken with vegies . There is nothing better but a chicken soup when your sick. Well? my appetie wasnt there so i tooks sips and bits of the soup , but even that wouldnt stay in my stomach. So my frind recomeneded lemon water , more lemon than water, and it seemed to be working . HELL NO  vomitted again. I was so sure i was going to get better getting those nutrients of the soup into my body , but they came back out . For over 8 hours i was stuck with lemon water . I took another nap hoping that resting my body would help but the pain wouldnt let me sleep. And I did the worst thing you can do when have a stomachache . which is ? ?  SMOKING . I dont know what was going threw my head or why i thought it would help but i did it anyway and ended vomitting all that acidic lemon and acid form my stomach again. At this point my body was weak and stressing out trying to get rid of what was making me sick. So i started thinking what could i have possibly ate that made me this sick , well  befor i went to bed i had bought a pizza and wings from little ceasars and i get the pizza with extra peperoni . IM ALLERGIC TO PORK.. Soooo you can see why my body was not having it the next morning . After i had figured it out i was searching all the diffrent ways i can give my body the boost it needs to recover befor i got to work the next day.  Nothing everything said to consult your doctor  blah, blah, blah. Yeah i say Blah. Blah, Blah, because  there is so much vitimans and nutrients that fruits and veggies have that can cure a stomachache .

But really how can you fix it ? How can i eat with out throwing up ?

I was in bed thinking , If chewing grosses me out. What can i drink that would be good for me ? And thats when a light bulb shined on top of my head VALLARTA. VALLARTA? yes. Vallarta serves these natural jucies infront of you and  each drink is diffrent friuts and veggeis at a affortable price . I got a VAMPIRO/VAMPIRE which has orange,apple, pineapple, beets,celery,catus,spinach, carrot , grapefruit, and ginger . Which is put in the  juicer and its mixed all together. When you read it , it sound nasty , but when you actullay try it and especialy when you have a stomachache, the pain relief is almost instant as well as the headache and it gives you the energy you need . I wish i would of thought of it earlier but i was glad I figured it out at night and i was able to sleep so comfortable. Day two and I got my self a bigger glass just to make sure that my body has enough vitmains and strength to fight my stomachache . And so far so good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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