by on September 25, 2019

high there ladies, for those who do not already know, my name is Lexileggo, I currently live in Las Vegas, Summerlin to be exact and I have gear I am selling discounted. Not only would you be saving on shipping and handeling but you also wont have to wait for it to be shipped. I have intern kits, thigh high socks, bandeaus, tank tops in many colors, booty shorts, snap backs, and stickers. If you are interested in knowing more private message me. I am also willing to trade for some tree :) you can either come to my house to pick it up or if you need me to come to you i can do that also. One Love Beauties!! also for anyone who is not in Las Vegas whom may be reading this you can still get discounted by using my online store link store.420nurses.com/lexileggo have a beautiful day xoxo happy humpdayyyyyyy



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