by on September 7, 2019

Todays the day that my intern kit finally came in the mail, and man oh man did it feel like the mail was never going to get here. I am so excited to see what this new adventure has in store for me!

I guess I should explain a little about myself and why I decided to become a 420 Nurse. 

     To start, I am 29 years young about to turn dirty thirty and freaking out!! lol I was born and raised in NJ and moved to Las Vegas in 2016. I left Jersey to get away from overpriced housing, nosey people drama and snow. I arrived in Vegas right as the bill proposing the recreational legalization of cannabis was hitting the voting booths. Coming from New Jersey this was exciting refreshing and i was honestly shocked. At first it was all about the convenience of purchasing legally and smoking without stressing about getting caught. About a year after legalization I realized I really wanted to be involved in the cannabis industry on a deeper level then just smoking, but I realized even tho I've been smoking for 15 years I didn't know much about it at all. I also had no idea where to begin entering such a demanding industry. I got discouraged and stayed working in food service for about another year, in a way I had given up hope. 

    In May 2018 I learned that my birth father had passed away in 2011 and not a single person in my family had any idea. My father unfortunately was an addict  & had been homeless due to his choices for most of my life. This rocked me to my very core * absolutely changed my life forever. I had always clung to hope that one day Id get to reunite with him and build the relationship a father and daughter should have. I have a history of self harm and depression, anxiety and bi polar. At the time I learned about his death I was actively participating in therapy & taking all of my prescribed medications. Long story short while medicated on mediation that was supposed to keep me level that was supposed to keep me save my life got ugly very very ugly. After 3 to 4 months of continued medication changes and dosages being increased, I realized I still feel horrible I still wish I was anywhere but alive. And out of no where I found myself thinking of how much I know my Dad would never would of wanted me so unhappy living so low & that no matter what he would want me strong and successfully. I quit my medication cold turkey ( I do not recommend doing this! Always consult your Dr. before making changes to your medications.) & I turned to cannabis in a new way and began using it to medicate and ease my pain. I also made it my goal to give my everything to getting work in the industry. 

I have now trimmed at many locations in Las Vegas and gained hands on experience. I have also learned through research how miraculous cannabis can be for recovering addicts, & from personal experience how life changing it can be for people suffering from mental illness. I have been off of prescribed medications with the exception of an occasional anxiety pill for 7 months and I have NEVER felt more stable. I am still battling depression but it no longer keeps me incapacitated, I am a functional member of society and find ways to bring happiness into my life any way I can. Through all my changes and new goals I began creating content on social media and came across 420 Nurses, saw the are a company built by women intended to educate and advocate positive cannabis education and influence. This was captivating and from the first time learning about them I wanted to be a part of the family. My anxiety almost stopped me but I had the privilege to attend the river trip and meet some of the ladies and they were all so welcoming and kind my anxiety disappeared I had a blast and made new friends & 100% made up my mind about joining. & here I am! I hope I didn't bore anyone too much. Cant wait to learn more, and get to meet more amazing women and people who share common interests and passions.