Ashley Nichole
by on August 26, 2019

High everyone! I just want to start out by introducing myself. My name is Ashley Nichole or my better known alias as Miss Cannabis. I’m 24 year’s old and living in the busy city of Las Vegas, NV. I currently work at a cultivation facility working with marijuana. In March of 2017 I worked at my first cultivation as a trimmer. As I grew in the company I earned my way into the grow rooms by recommendation. Learning many different trades of the industry, I would harvest 7ft tall plants defoliating them before hanging them up to cure and dry. 


Now, I trim full time striving for quality and speed. Maintaining my numbers in trim weight, my current record is 4.02lbs in my 7.5 hour shift. I’ve trimmed weed for almost 3 years crafting my own style in doing so. As a trim lead, I’ve had the pleasure of training new trimmers helping them pursue their own techniques. At one point I led a room as large as ten people. It may not sound like a lot, but while focusing on many tasks and the help of my right hand woman I managed to organize a room full of people by being positive and goal oriented; building relationships with many people from different cultures. 


This goes hand in hand with becoming a 420 Nurse. On May 14th 2019, I went to my first Terpy Tuesday. Knowing nothing then, taking that first step has led me to becoming the very first 420 Nurses cover girl winner for It’s Your Lifestyle Magazine. During these past few months I’ve grown in ways I could only dream of. That’s with the help of my cannabis sisters in the 420 Nurses Sin City Chapter. Their support and determination to see each other grow is admirable and inspirational to the people joining our community. Gaining the respect of many. 


Entering the contest I felt conflicted, I wasn’t confident in myself and felt insecure, embracing those emotions I turned darkness into light. I fought those thoughts and proved I can overcome any obstacle especially when that obstacle was myself. My greatest strengths are my will and determination to achieve my goals. My weaknesses before and during the competition were my lack of confidence and feeling inadequate regardless of how hard I tried. Taking this leap was a significant deal to me and all of the women entering this contest as well. Having many of the 420 Nurses models in this competition supporting me was an entire experience on its own. We were no longer ranking against each other, we were empowering one another. 


Gaining more than this incredible opportunity to make 420 Nurses history. I begun to heal relationships with my family; friends I haven’t spoken to in years took the time out of their day to vote for me. Strangers setting alarms every 3 hours to remind themselves to vote, my chapter sisters cheering me on, my sister in law making me into art, coworkers keeping my head held high, my very best friend taking beautiful photos of me, and my adoring boyfriend consistently reminding me of who I truly am while holding my hand and supporting me along the way. That’s what I want to represent 420 Nurses. A community of people coming together helping each other succeed. Hard work and the burning desire to want something better for yourself will lead you to the pathway of your dreams becoming a reality. I wasn’t anywhere near ready to take this step and I don’t think I would have been until taking the chance to do so. 


Becoming the face of 420 Nurses is an achievement not to be taken lightly. I am honored and will continue being loyal to our amazing movement as a team of hard working individuals. If not for the incredible people in my life I wouldn’t have been able to make it this far.  Stay true to yourself, stand up for what you believe in, and no matter what negative feelings you have inside use that energy and focus on something you love. Life is way too short to stand back and watch others living their dreams. Why not you too? Even if you fail, nothing worth having is given to you. Value the time you’ve invested into yourself by pursuing obstacles and overcoming them. Life is challenging and will give you hardships but I am ready to step outside of my comfort zone and push boundaries. 


One more thing before I go, I want to tell you about my dad. Growing up he worked a lot so he wasn’t home as often as he would have liked. However, there was a time we went to Disney Land as a family, my little sister and I were so excited! We couldn’t wait to go on the rides, as long as we were tall enough. On our last day of vacation my mom had a terrible migraine so she stayed behind at the hotel. It was getting close to the park closing for the night when my dad took us to ride as many rides as we could. Our dad took our little hands and was running with us to each ride. He yelled for us to keep running faster, we could barely catch up. I never seen my dad so happy and free until that moment, I believe he was embracing that with us. He and I had our ups and downs but after I moved out we began a fresh start, mending our issues. He was beyond supportive of me working in the Cannabis industry in fact he would tell people how proud of me he was because of it. Every time I would call I would have good news for him and he would beam with joy. That motivated me more than anything else, making that man proud was fulfilling and all I wanted to ever do. 


On May 20th 2017, my worst fear had come true. He passed away peacefully in his sleep. Remembering my last moments with him I held his hands placing my head on his chest. After years of hearing his heart beat I could only hear silence. I lost a piece of me that day but I never lost the love and the wonderful memories I have with him. My last words to my dad were I love you and I am at peace with that. He told me to follow my dreams and he would be overjoyed if he could see me now.


Thank you to everyone going above and beyond for me and to all of the beautiful women who entered the competition. You did absolutely amazing and worked so hard to go as far as you did. Even entering was a huge mile stone! 


Much love




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Your Dad would be so proud of you! You deserve this!