by on August 22, 2019

What makes me smile?

Helping people that are really in need it . Yesterday night I was getting gas and saw a man digging in the trash . I hate seeing people digging for food because once upon a time I was there. And I called him over he wasn’t drunk or stinky . This was an honest sober old man struggling live so I told him he can have whatever he wants ,I was expecting him to grab beer or liquor, nope he got a gallon of water ,a couple of tuna cans ,and a sand witch with chips . Why ? Because he deserved it I saw in his cart all he had was  a couple of empty plastic bottles and his camp gear. He mentioned how great full he was and how he’s a retired veteran , then hugged me . That hug made me smile 😃like no other experience human kindness is the best love out there 

Animals make my day , something about them that comfort  me and just realizing that  there just like humans but different communication skills . The 420nurses make me smile at all times and I’m so honored that I’m  part of this company ❤️


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Summer Rain
you are an angel