by on August 12, 2019

It’s not easy being successful. What better way to help each other in the industry than to have ONE site where you can find EVERY resource for your personal needs? 420nurses has given me the opportunity to network with companies that I feel are detrimental to my success. Being able to market the 420nurses I started  to realize how important it is to push what you believe in 💪🏾 I love the fact jimmy is the man with the plan and knows how to keep things on track with his amazing marketing skills.Summer and cha cha left a impression On me in 2018 when I visited the old boutique for a waffle Wednesday event. I couldn’t stop thinking about the two babes from California the whole rest of that year. I became a 420nurse here in Las Vegas at the beginning of this year and would totally love to open another smoke boutique here and have events just like it is in LA . VOTE FOR ME to be the next cover girL ON OUR SITE because 💚 I LOVE 420nurses! 💚💋 #itsyourlifestylemagazineCOVER💋