by on August 6, 2019

Hey There everyone i hope you all are having a jfantastic day and week so far, i wished to just write a little more about me and why I think i could make the cover of " Its My Lifestyle Magazine"

I have come from a broken childhood and a past most would be ashamed of but along the way i have grown and learn so much, with a key background in anthing 420/710. Growing up i was always told i would never be able to mmake anything of myself because the people around me saw "fish out of water" as stupid. During the last fifteen years i placed my entire life on hold to raise a family and devote myself to something important then myself. As i now grow into a time where i can focus on me and share my knowledge and experiance with this world i dont plan to miss a single beat.

I never knew that i could be where i am now with the confidence i continue to build everyday, i know i might now be the prettiest babe here as all these georgeous nurses HAVE IT ALL!!! I am still goig for the big cake , i have big plans for Orange County and plan to migrate the Nurses down to my hometown, change the views of the world, and hopefully show everyone here what the 420Nurses Is all about, i have nothing but true dedication, passion , and motivation to make something of myself with the 420Nurses  

If i make cover model i dont plan to let the shine go to waste!


Anyways, Thanks for listening 


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Great blog Ms. Idea! You're gorgeous ߘ
That was great read, and I think you can definitely make it to the cover! :)