Sexy Minnie
by on August 1, 2019

I'm SexyMinnie420nurse, I've been on this journey with the nurse since November 2017. It's a lifestyle indeed,I learned so much about C-B-D products. I had never used C-B-D so when I tried White C-B-D,I was amazed at how it relaxed me and the pain was gone. Plus the price of C-B-D at the 420Nurses Boutique is a reasonable price. I have a C-B-D vape open also you can get here. There's different types of THC, the body high is indica, head high sativa, or u can get a hybrid which is two strains combine body and head high. Also edibles are good if you prefer not to smoke and rather consume it. Cannabis has been in my life since the beginning, I'm an active cannabis lover and it does my body well. thanks to you 420Nurses more people can get educated about cannabis and maybe people can stop judging and live a productive life living well as I am trying to do. No bs, just living the lifestyle as a 420nurse model 💋