by on July 8, 2019

High Everyone, 

  I'm 420Nurse intern Rubydoobie and I would love to share why I should be the Next Cover Model on its Your LifeStyle Magazine. First off cannabis amd modeling are LIFE. I'll let you know a litttle about myself. I'm a May Baby so I I'm a lucky Taurus. I love mother nature and helping people. Currently I work as a budtender and am off school for the summer. I really enjoy being in the cannabis community and helping people find the right cannabis products that best suit their needs. I help with advertising, and photograhy to show the flowers true beauty. 

I am not only symphathetic to peoples needs but emphathetic as well. I have my own chronic illnes I deal with and cannabis has helped me so much through out my life. That is another reason I feel the need to help my patients with real concern because I know what side affects of heavy medication can do. Cannabis is a natural way of healing. From reducing nausea, seizures, bodypain, deppression, and anxiety and much more. I love helping people and cannabis has helped me do that.

Being on the Lifestyle Magazine would be such a boost of confidence in knowing Im on the right direction and so is Cannabis reform.As a 420Nurse intern Iam dedicated to reduce the stigma behined Marijuana and educate its benefits.My 420Nurse family has helped me with being able to express myself freely and thus so Iam more confident to help others.

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