Harley Rose
by on June 12, 2019

High baby Rose Buds,

Ooooweeeeee! Guys! I had so much fucken fun at LA PRIDE this last weekend! I had previously been to the Santa Ana Pride a couple years back, and then Las Vegas Pride last year but I had never attended LA Pride! I went with a group of 4 people, including my amazing photographer (@jkuskiephotography), my friend Joel (@inigmaphotography) & Laina ♥️. We arrived about 9 A.M. and started to just walk around and drift through the people. Obviously this was the best opportunity to wear my 420Nurses gear as there would be thousands of people. The night before I went to the 420nurses Boutique and bought my pride wings, face jewels & accessories, and of course matching socks. As for my outfit I went with my 420nurses neon green two piece rave outfit. It was motherfucken perfect!! I had all the colors in the rainbow, my makeup was poppin, my outfit was incredible, and my wings completed my whole look. The parade was to start about 11 so we quickly went thru the streets to find a good spot to enjoy the whole thing. There were to be 159 floats, so we knew we wanted to find a comfortable spot. Although there were cops and sheriffs everywhere I was high af, and enjoying the great event. We watched the whole parade, and I even got to meet Justina Machado from “One Day At A Time”. It was honestly surreal. I had so much fun that i def can’t wait until next years parade! 



Harley Rose 🌹