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Hey guys hey 

My purpose for witting this is to share some insite about me, my beliefs, and why I wish to become a 420Nurse.

First things first, my names edith but I almost always go by Idea, i am born and raised in orange county, single mother of two kids, and part time college student. I'm the only girl in my family and was a very bad little seed at that :D.

I remember the first time I smoked weed, I found my father stash in the garage (typical first time) what actually baffels me is that my whole experience is how we have come from chronic low grade weed with screw on mini pipes to now electric vapes and highly concentrated THC. This industry is growing huge and I only wish to make my small impact in it as well.

what is really intresting me is the sole education yu can bring to the many people or new aged patients embracing there canabis lyfe. This is the reason why I choose to be a nurse I extremely value their movement, education, and the lifestyle. I always wish to be apart of a group who understood me and the 420nurses is just that for me.

My goals is to one day be a great influencer in the MMJ community, edcucate/advicate or find steps to be in the next 420Nurses Chapter (crossing my fingers for an oc branch but LA is ideal.) and lastly I wish to be a good model. 

Thanks so much for taking yur time to read my blog and learn just a little about me. Hope yu all have a fantastic day!! 


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