420Nurses Upstate NY Chapter
by on June 7, 2019

I joined the 420Nurses in 2017 as the 420Nurses upstate NY chapter prez. I knew at the time that I was the first in my area to attempt such an undertaking. I am a medicinal card holder within my state. I do however support the entire cannabis community. I have felt the power of the plant help me deal with excruciating pain, nausea, tremors, and a variety of other symptoms. I unfortunately dealt with being isolated due to my health. I never imagined that when I joined the 420Nurses I would find such an empowering sisterhood from so many states. I have been blessed to connect with this amazing group of boss babes. I truly feel brand loyalty, even had it tattooed on my body. I find genuine inspiration on a daily basis from so many of you ladies. It has inspired me to model more, I have the dream of opening a clothing and specialty glass shop someday and featuring the 420Nurses collection. Another goal is to learn photography so that I may offer those around me a safe and affordable environment. Definitely a far cry from teaching. I think there are all different ways to teach others. I utilize this platform to help to break some of the negative stereotypes associated with one miraculous plant. I support medicinal as well as the cannabis industry and it is something I truly believe in. I hold teaching degrees so clearly financial gain is not the main motivation for me to do something that I believe in. The same has remained true for most of my modeling opportunities. I still remain hopeful and committed to the cause. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Best wishes