by on June 4, 2019

So today I got my 32nd tattoo thanks to wildlife tattoo💕wildlife tattoo is located In canoga park California and has the best work I’ve seen. I was proud and honored to be tattooed by ceelos today!  ceelos’s work makes me only want to go to him from now on! He’s super caring about you and your tattoo and loves the nurses! First off his sign sheet is straight up honest. I appreciate honesty of what I’m about to go through.he even dabbed me out before tattooing me! he cleans up really nice to let you know he takes it seriously, and gets to know you in the process. He even talks to you through your tattoo to make you at ease and comfortable. I was getting the 420nurse logo on my side stomach and yet he made me feel really relaxed. He also told me I was sitting extremely well, which made me confident while getting this done. Ceelos is extremely good at detailing so your tattoo looks flawless! Over all this man and company deserves 5 stars for cleanliness, sweet hospitality, and amazing work! My review made his day and he just made my day in general! Thank you ceelos! Will definitely be seeing you again!

How committed to the 420nurses are you? Go to ceelos he will take care of you! Or wait until the next tattoo Tuesday! So worth it 💕

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