by on May 29, 2019

So if you are in the Hesperia/ Victorville area you should definitely check out the paradise hookah lounge! Paradise is a chill spot that opens at 6pm and closes at 2 am. It’s open 7 days a week. I personally love smoking hookah to calm me down if I’m not smoking weed. The environment is extremely friendly! They also have snacks, a pool table, and a selection of non alcoholic drinks! It’s conveniently placed to three food venues of your choice. They also have games if you are here with friends. And to my friends who don’t smoke tobacco I have great news. If you are 21+ they have C-B-D HOOKAH OPTIONS!  They even have bowls MADE OF FRUIT. My favorite is the grapefruit and pineapple. It gives the hookah a better taste. Don’t want to head home after Friday night sesh just yet? Lucky for you Friday night sesh will be in adelanto so Come stop by here for a bit! Definitely happy I was the first 420 nurse to give them a 5 star review 💙

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congrats babe this is awesome!!!
Thank you gorgeous 💚💚💚